March 10, 2014


Faith is a prosperous spirit; faithlessness is poverty. People do not need to center on prosperity for it to happen; prosperity pursues faithful people. 

People often focus their attention and faith on prosperity. Though the Bible promises prosperity, it was not promised for self-indulgence. Prosperity is part of the covenant-pact between Yahweh and Abraham. People who walk in the faith of Abraham receive abundant blessings. 

Prosperity is something spiritual that manifests in the natural realm. Prosperity is a picture of life, but poverty of death. Prosperity is a picture of heaven, and poverty of hell. Prosperity is a picture of blessing, poverty of curse. The Kingdom of God is an immensely prosperous place/realm. People who abide in Jesus Christ have a share in that prosperity.

Jesus commanded His disciples to live by faith, and not from the overflow of their accumulated possessions. People should love people and use possessions, not the other way around.

"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." (Matthew 6:33 NIV) 


February 15, 2014

Today's Thoughts

When people fear they often grasp and hoard. 

Christians are (meant to be) God's funnels of blessing to the earth.

Faith has an open hand, fear a grasping one.

February 04, 2014

Passionate Faith

Faith is not recklessness; faith is abandonment. Faith is willing to abandon everyone and everything, even one's mortal life, for the sake of Jesus Christ.

Faith operates best when it's the only option. When a person has another option, another door, God will often allow the person to use that method. Faith requires absolute abandonment. Faith requires the principle of a thing, not the excess.

When a faithful man is at the end of himself, God's faith moves that man into the impossibility realm. Faith is usually the choice that seems the impossible one.

A person may receive a touch from Yahweh through a person's touch; but to dwell consistently in Yahweh's favor means to have cultivated an intimate relationship with the Lord. There is no true and lasting faith outside of love.

Faith is increased when a person is intimate with the Heavenly Father. A person cannot expect to live by exceptional faith when he or she only tries to wield it during a crisis. Faith cultivated in intimacy with the Heavenly Father is the faith needed to battle a crisis.

Faith looks beyond the impossible circumstances of life, walking on water with Jesus (Mark 10:27, Matthew 14:29). Life's circumstances automatically yield to faith.

It is only possible to please the Heavenly Father with Jesus' passionate faith (Hebrews 10:38). People with faith are like the morning sun; those who are faithful are like the sunset.

"And without faith it is impossible to please God...." (Hebrews 11:6 NIV)


Yahweh's Law

Yahweh's Law is a solemn covenantal pledge:

With feet immersed in sacrificial blood,
hands raised high before the God of Abraham,
a man enters ancient holy covenant by declaring:
"I will love Yahweh the Lord with ALL my heart, 
ALL my mind, and ALL my resources;
I will love my neighboring clan even as my own flesh and blood."
And all witness respond, "Amen!"


Nature of Covenant


The word HOLINESS means CONSECRATION, SEPARATION. It means to be set apart to Yahweh through covenant blood. Those who are in covenant with God are holy; those who are not in covenant with Him are not holy. It takes holiness to see the Lord, and without holiness no one sees Him or knows Him (Hebrews 12:14). Holiness happens from the inside-out, not from the outside-in. It comes through faith in Jesus' consecration, not by human works that seek to dupe people into looking or "feeling" holy. The holiness of Jesus embodies Yahweh's people, Yahweh's clan. Living by the nature of the Holy Spirit is Holiness.


To be righteous means to believe Yahweh (Genesis 15:6), thereby living by Jesus' faith-filled nature. Righteousness is the character of Jesus Christ expressed through God's covenantal clan. A righteous clan has sanctifying power, affecting peoples and territories.

To be in covenant with Jesus is righteousness and faithfulness. Sin is not held against anyone in covenant with God through Jesus Christ; righteousness is held TOWARD them. Those who believe themselves righteous through external deeds and an unstained reputation need to join Jesus, naked on the cross.


Humility is dependence upon the Heavenly Father. Pride is dependence upon anything else. Humility allows Christ's strength to be seen. Faithful men and women do wonderful exploits through the power of Christ's humility, not from the greatness of their own spirituality. A person who bows before the Heavenly Father in humility, stands before Him in righteousness. A faithful person begins and ends his spiritual sojourn at the feet of Jesus.

Humility is not poverty; princes and paupers think differently. Wormship is not worship; to walk in humility means to agree with God in everything.


To forgive means to be willing to embrace the person who sinned against you.

Humanity was completely forgiven at the cross; people receive that forgiveness by faith. those who trust in Jesus' abundant love, receive the Heavenly Father's abundant forgiveness. Forgiveness is the power of the cross.

One man sinned greatly against God, yet repented; he was forgiven. A second man knew about the sin and repentance, yet spread the news as if it weren't forgiven. At the Judgment Seat of Christ, the second man was judged guilty for the first man's sin. THAT WHICH IS FORGIVEN MUST REMAIN UNDER THE BLOOD OF COVENANTAL SACRIFICE.


Both sickness and healing are matters of covenant. Sickness enters a person's flesh through foolish words, foolish covenant ties and unforgiveness. Healing enters through repentance and faith. The covenant in Jesus' blood is the proof, the title-deed, that a person is healed. Feelings and circumstances come and go, but Yahweh's healing is covenantal.

Healing must never become a person's goal, but merely the overflow of a life-giving, covenantal relationship with Yahweh. To confer with self or society regarding one's health is foolish. Trusting one's health to the Lord is wise. God has promised healing; that should be enough.

Healing the sick takes a compassionate touch, not a sympathetic one. To live by the directive of the Lord Jesus Christ means to heal the sick (Mark 16:18). Jesus' wounds are the surely that others' wounds will be healed.



January 25, 2014

Seeds for Fruitful Living

Seeking the face of Christ is the main ingredient for a bountiful life.

All God's promises are already completed for every child of God; they are achieved through faith in God's Word, not needing accompanying emotions for reality.

People are forgiven by being forgivers. Sowing begins once repentance and forgiveness have cleared the field.

It is wise to sow in times of famine (Genesis 26:12). Those who are moved by circumstances never sow and never reap (Ecclesiastes 11:4).

A faithful steward never sows into a field that he or she doesn't want a harvest from. Faith has eyes to see the end from the beginning.

By words people are justified, by words condemned. Hasty speech creates slow cleanup processes.

Only weeds seem to prosper overnight. Righteous harvests take some time.

Crops do better when fertilized. Endure hardship.

Praise perfects faith; complaining kills seed. Be thankful.

The moon has an audience of stars for support; the sun stands alone. Faith must be willing to stand alone.

"...we are more than conquerors through him who loved us." (Romans 8:37 NIV)


October 22, 2013

The Cost

A Priest came down and laid His hand upon my weary head. He looked at me — no, into me — and this is what He said: “LIFE to Me, LIFE to you, and LIFE to everything through and through. But the life you seek son isn’t cheap; it’ll surely cost you everything. For with this sword we’ll cut the cord that kept you bound to your Mother Eve. Then let you fall a thousand miles until you land in Me.”


September 23, 2013

Today's Thought

Never pray for money without praying for wisdom on how to sow. God is not a banker, He's a Farmer.



I have healed you, prospered you and set you free. Don't agree with anything less.

— God        

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